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Deadly Magic

A Monthly Serial

Belle Berry had lived an ordinary existence in her sleepy little seaside town on the coast of Owls Head Peninsula.


Until the morning of my sixteenth birthday…


It’s funny how your life can change in a moment. All it took was a conversation and two unusual strangers who came for a visit. 


Now, I was alone and furthest from home I’d ever been. My seemingly “ordinary” life wasn’t quite so ordinary any longer. 


Ravenfell Academy, a place where generations of the elite had been sending their sons and daughters to study and learn was my new home. As the last of the Clairmont line, I was a legacy. 


Little did I know that my life depended on the protection of these shadowy walls and their preternatural secrets. My departure from my idyllic life only came with one warning: Beware of the Ravens of Ravenfell Academy.

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