Q: When will the next book in the Cedar Lake Series be out?


A: 2019


Q: Do you have playlists?


A: Yes! They can be found on Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2VbVyyG


Q: Are you going to write another YA novel?


A: Yes, I’m working on two right now. 


Q: Do you plan to write in any other genres?


A: Yes, I’m working on a Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy novel and a Middle Grade book. 


Q: Are any of your books going to be in audio?


A: Yes, I’m in the process of choosing a narrator for Saving Me.


Q: Will Always Been You ever be in paperback?


A: Not any time soon. 


Q: Are your books based on your life?


A: Yes and no. Saving Me has a lot of myself in it. A lot of my ranching and farming knowledge for Always Been You is based on our family farm. All the towns are loosely based on the small towns I’ve lived in over the years. There are bits and pieces of me and my experiences in all my books. 


Q: Are you racist/homophobic/transphobic? 


A: No. The negative reactions and views in my novels are based on reactions I’ve seen and heard. I live in a very small conservative area. The inspiration for Maybe Never was based on a Dr. Phil episode but also the political climate of the time. It was all a “what if” moment. What would happen to this family if they lived where I live? And Maybe Never was born. My belief and opinion: Love one another, accept people for who they are, and mind your own beeswax. 


Q: Have you ever suffered from depression/suicide?


A: Yes, twice in my life I contemplated and once attempted to take my own life in the past. I sought help and treatment. I still struggle with anxiety disorder and mild bouts of depression, but overall, I’m in a good place now. Emotions are fleeting and temporary but there are some decisions that can’t be fixed or taken back. I’m happy to talk with anyone who may struggle with the same issues: authorsadieallen@gmail.com


If you or anyone you know is struggling please, please, please seek help:




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