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Always LOVE YOu

Cedar Lake, #3

One mistake can give you the greatest gift you’ve ever received. 


Bridgette Thomas was on top of the world for one glorious moment until it all came to a crashing halt. 



Brandt Huntswell called me Laurel—his ex wife—at the worst possible moment. Then, to add insult to injury, forgot our encounter ever happened. 


Except, I’ll never forget, not because of him, but because of our son. 


The son he didn’t know existed until now. 



Women are the devil. 


And people need to quit dying in his town. 



 I am furious. I’m mad at my cheating, soul-sucking ex. I’m mad at the men who are tearing Cedar Lake apart. 


But most of all, I’m mad at the blonde spitfire who haunts my dreams, and if I’m honest, every waking moment too, but she lied to me. 


She had my baby. 


Then she kept him from me, from my family. 


Who does that? 


The danger is far from over in Cedar Lake. Secrets will come to light and the worst has yet to come. Will everyone be left standing in the end? Or will this be the end of Cedar Lake? 

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